Gun Rights and Freedom

For those that do not know me, I am an avid gun owner and hobbyist. I reload my own ammunition, build my own guns, and own multiple different firearms – aka the neoliberal nightmare. As such, I hold the right to bear arms as one the most crucial tenets of human freedom. Gun ownership allows one to defend their person and property from threats of violence and aggression from other parties, including the government. Criminalizing self-defense is, in practice, the prohibition of an individual maintaining their human rights.



My Liberty: How I See the Relationship of Freedom and Government

If you follow any libertarian outlet on the Internet, you’ll notice that there are numerous strands of libertarianism. I will not detail all of them, but they all share something in common: a very limited or nonexistent government and absolute rights to person and property. I would probably most closely identify as a minarchist. As a result of the multitudes of libertarian beliefs, I have decided to begin structuring my own libertarian perspective.