You Own You

Taxes are too Damn High

Neo-liberal rhetoric often laments the financial woes of average Americans. Whether it be savings, retirement, or income, they strongly believe that free market capitalism created various problems and that government largesse can fix it.

I usually view the issue from a strict economics perspective, but then I considered how my own financial situation might relate to other people. After digging up two-year old pay stubs, one thing stuck out: federal taxes. I am by no means a high income earner – especially two years ago. Despite that, however, I was losing thousands of dollars to the federal government. (more…)

Dear Liberals: Stop Bragging about the “Success” of Compulsory Programs

Progressives often tout compulsory government programs as examples that America is already socialist. They are right, but they seem to lack an understanding of what their “success” entails. Occupy Democrats has taken the position of “if you don’t like it, don’t use it”. Speaking for myself, I would love to opt out of Social Security and Medicare among others.

Only one problem: I cannot. (more…)

If All Lives Matter, Let’s be Serious About It

Deputy Darren Goforth from Texas was filling his car with gas when a man walked up behind him, shot him in the back of the head, and emptied 15 rounds into his body. He was murdered cold blooded execution style.

I blame his murder on the recent fury of political rhetoric. The shooter had no apparent motive other than “kill a guy in uniform”. We may have problems with the current system of police, but that does not justify killing people. (more…)

Rights are not Gifts from the Government

Women’s Equality Day filled my newsfeed with memes and articles about women’s rights. Facebook took the time to even proclaim how women “achieved” the right to vote. Of course, no one stopped to ask why they needed to “achieve” a right.

Let’s get one thing straight: you cannot “achieve” rights nor are they government permissions. They exist naturally. (more…)

Why are we still arresting people for prostitution? Legalize it.

NBA Analyst Gregg Anthony is back in court again to enter a plea deal. On January 16th, Anthony solicited a prostitute through the website Backpage. She turned out to be part of a police sting and now he will be completing community service and paying fines. His reputation as a sports announcer is tarnished forever and the media plasters his face to the headlines. (more…)

In Defense of Greed

I often see people attribute many of society’s ills as the result of “greed”. They use the word ambiguously as though it is an absolute immorality. However, there is little regard to the thought that greed may not be such an abhorrent desire. It is as though only the wealthy can be greedy and that only their greed is a problem. (more…)

How Drug Prohibition Inhibits Rehabilitation

For the first time in my short blogging career, I want to expand on a previous post. The original post was about why drugs should be legal, but did not address how drug use is (poorly) managed because of prohibition. They are similar issues, but must be addressed from different perspectives. Contrary to the war on drugs propaganda, repealing drug prohibition would not lead to total chaos and blood-filled streets. In fact, repealing it would make it much easier to create peaceful ways of reducing drug use – as opposed to locking people in cages for their own “well-being”.


Acknowledging and Analyzing the Pitfalls of Democracy

America was founded as a republic with a representative democracy. The Declaration of Independence is one of the most historically significant documents that represents a milestone in the development of humans, akin to the Magna Carta. With the principles of limited government in mind, the founders believed in a government that protected its citizens’ natural rights and used representative voting as a means for “rule by majority” to ensure a “common good”.