How to Solve Racial Disparity

Socioeconomic racial disparity has been making lots of headlines recently. Protests in New York and Ferguson have brought a new light to the discussion of race. I have pointed out in previous posts what caused disparity, but never offered a solution. I believe the current state of disparity is a storm of multiple policy failures, so there is no single pen swipe or new law that could do anything worth mentioning. (more…)

Everybody’s a Racist, but That’s Ok

We often see headlines of alleged racism followed by lectures from the politically correct crowd. In an attempt to take a moral high ground, they inadvertently point out a reality of human nature: all of us discriminate all the time. Narrowly defining “racism” has made it politically useful to apply when convenient. By broadening the definition to “discrimination”, we can see how it is meaninglessly thrown around for personal agendas. (more…)

The Catastrophe of Social Engineering

There is no question that segregation in the U.S. was an appalling practice. However, it is often overlooked that segregation was, in fact, a government enforced policy. In other words, there were white businesses with black customers and employees, but those same blacks had to sit in the back of the government-run bus because of public policy. In many ways, today’s economic disparity is more glaring than in the past, despite social justice crusades of the mid-20th century.



I could blame the president for our border crisis, but it’s not entirely his fault. I agree that open borders is a much more sensible policy, and that those here “illegally” need to brought out of the shadows. However, I do not agree with the president’s unilateral, executive order to arbitrarily give 5 million people amnesty. There are others, some arguably more productive, who have gone through the legal process who did not receive amnesty. In fact, many Europeans entrepreneurs wish to immigrate here because of the more friendly business environment, but no one granted them amnesty. The president’s executive order is clearly a political game.