Philosophy of Freedom

Two Stupid Ideas that Solve Nothing and Risk Lives

While on the Internet, I came across a new device that capitalizes off public fear. It seems that we can’t have a tragedy in this country without an immediate “solution”, yet people keep wondering why they still happen. This is particularly true with police brutality. The new device is known as the “clown gun”. (more…)

Why does anyone take Donald Trump seriously?

The GOP presidential race is currently America’s biggest circus. Ring leader Donald Trump has made headlines with his take-no-prisoners attitude toward the media and political correctness. Although he has been rude at times, I commend his brazen moves to push back. When it comes to matter of principle, however, Trump has none. His entire campaign has thus far been one giant scream into the microphone. (more…)

Education Needs Vouchers and Choice, not Intervention and Compulsion

The great Milton Friedman once said that we should always judge policies on results instead of intent. With that in mind, the results of top-down education policy have thus far been a complete failure. As we spend more money and hire more teachers, test scores have simultaneously experienced little to no change. Thanks to the Cato Institute, we can see how a shocking trend points directly to government administered failure. (more…)

Sorry, liberals. We Already Have National Background Checks.

There is a common theme among gun control advocates that displays their inability to understand existing gun laws before they spout grandiose rhetoric. “Universal background checks” sounds great and most focus groups would probably support it, but opinions might change once you understand current laws, regulatory procedures, and crime statistics. (more…)

New Technology Enables More Police Overreach and Less Liberty

In a rather terrifying new report, fifty law enforcement agencies have secretly begun to use a new technology that allows them to see inside your home. Unsurprisingly, this has already been going on for over two years. It appears the government has, yet again, conveniently forgotten to inform the public – much less request any type of warrant. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that law enforcement cannot use high-tech sensors without a warrant, but that, of course, did not stop them. (more…)

Why are we still arresting people for prostitution? Legalize it.

NBA Analyst Gregg Anthony is back in court again to enter a plea deal. On January 16th, Anthony solicited a prostitute through the website Backpage. She turned out to be part of a police sting and now he will be completing community service and paying fines. His reputation as a sports announcer is tarnished forever and the media plasters his face to the headlines. (more…)

Free Speech is Dying in America

When freedom is tested, people have historically spoken out against those who wish to aggress upon their liberty, which is usually their own government. In many countries, such dissent is met with hostility that ranges from imprisonment to outright genocide. The United States, however, is supposedly a country where this freedom is respected and maintained. Trends in recent years would show otherwise, and it’s rather unnerving. (more…)

An Open Letter to Anti-Rand, Purist Libertarians

Long before Rand Paul formally declared his presidential campaign, purist libertarians fervently detested his realistic approach to political discourse. In their eyes, he’s a heretic of the philosophy for willing to compromise principle for politics. Chants of “Gary Johnson 2016” echo loudly within the libertarian and anarchist internet community. Dogmatic purists are completely disconnected from political reality and are outright damaging to the cause of liberty.