My Liberty

New Technology Enables More Police Overreach and Less Liberty

In a rather terrifying new report, fifty law enforcement agencies have secretly begun to use a new technology that allows them to see inside your home. Unsurprisingly, this has already been going on for over two years. It appears the government has, yet again, conveniently forgotten to inform the public – much less request any type of warrant. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that law enforcement cannot use high-tech sensors without a warrant, but that, of course, did not stop them. (more…)


Free Speech is Dying in America

When freedom is tested, people have historically spoken out against those who wish to aggress upon their liberty, which is usually their own government. In many countries, such dissent is met with hostility that ranges from imprisonment to outright genocide. The United States, however, is supposedly a country where this freedom is respected and maintained. Trends in recent years would show otherwise, and it’s rather unnerving. (more…)

An Open Letter to Anti-Rand, Purist Libertarians

Long before Rand Paul formally declared his presidential campaign, purist libertarians fervently detested his realistic approach to political discourse. In their eyes, he’s a heretic of the philosophy for willing to compromise principle for politics. Chants of “Gary Johnson 2016” echo loudly within the libertarian and anarchist internet community. Dogmatic purists are completely disconnected from political reality and are outright damaging to the cause of liberty.


Acknowledging and Analyzing the Pitfalls of Democracy

America was founded as a republic with a representative democracy. The Declaration of Independence is one of the most historically significant documents that represents a milestone in the development of humans, akin to the Magna Carta. With the principles of limited government in mind, the founders believed in a government that protected its citizens’ natural rights and used representative voting as a means for “rule by majority” to ensure a “common good”.


My Liberty: How I See the Relationship of Freedom and Government

If you follow any libertarian outlet on the Internet, you’ll notice that there are numerous strands of libertarianism. I will not detail all of them, but they all share something in common: a very limited or nonexistent government and absolute rights to person and property. I would probably most closely identify as a minarchist. As a result of the multitudes of libertarian beliefs, I have decided to begin structuring my own libertarian perspective.


The Case for Privatizing Police

As the violence in Ferguson continues, there has finally been a national spotlight on police brutality and militarization. Although it may be too little too late, it is refreshing to see this issue finally take stage. The mainstream solution, which we have been spoon fed, is to spend over $230 million to outfit police with body cameras. This might sound like a good idea, but it does nothing to address the root of a systemic problem: strong armed State oppression of the poor. It is not that all police (as individuals) are racist or seek to cause harm, but that black people are generally poorer than whites and therefore easier to exploit through forced government decree (i.e. the war on drugs). Despite numerous cases of police abuse, I have yet to hear that a government monopoly on law enforcement is the root of this systemic problem. I think it’s time someone finally said it: we need to privatize the police. I will make this argument based on the state’s incentives and methods versus private incentives and methods.