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Aussie-Style Gun Control Will Create a US Insurgency

In his recent address to the nation, President Obama called for stricter gun control to combat “domestic terrorism”. Like many liberals, Obama has shown support for Australian-style mandatory gun buy backs. Regardless of whether or not it would survive the political process, I think it’s worth mentioning what exactly they are advocating and how exactly millions of gun owners, including myself, would react. Perhaps a liberal will read this and realize the potential consequences of their conquest. (more…)

Dear Liberals: Stop Bragging about the “Success” of Compulsory Programs

Progressives often tout compulsory government programs as examples that America is already socialist. They are right, but they seem to lack an understanding of what their “success” entails. Occupy Democrats has taken the position of “if you don’t like it, don’t use it”. Speaking for myself, I would love to opt out of Social Security and Medicare among others.

Only one problem: I cannot. (more…)

If All Lives Matter, Let’s be Serious About It

Deputy Darren Goforth from Texas was filling his car with gas when a man walked up behind him, shot him in the back of the head, and emptied 15 rounds into his body. He was murdered cold blooded execution style.

I blame his murder on the recent fury of political rhetoric. The shooter had no apparent motive other than “kill a guy in uniform”. We may have problems with the current system of police, but that does not justify killing people. (more…)

Rights are not Gifts from the Government

Women’s Equality Day filled my newsfeed with memes and articles about women’s rights. Facebook took the time to even proclaim how women “achieved” the right to vote. Of course, no one stopped to ask why they needed to “achieve” a right.

Let’s get one thing straight: you cannot “achieve” rights nor are they government permissions. They exist naturally. (more…)

Two Stupid Ideas that Solve Nothing and Risk Lives

While on the Internet, I came across a new device that capitalizes off public fear. It seems that we can’t have a tragedy in this country without an immediate “solution”, yet people keep wondering why they still happen. This is particularly true with police brutality. The new device is known as the “clown gun”. (more…)

Why does anyone take Donald Trump seriously?

The GOP presidential race is currently America’s biggest circus. Ring leader Donald Trump has made headlines with his take-no-prisoners attitude toward the media and political correctness. Although he has been rude at times, I commend his brazen moves to push back. When it comes to matter of principle, however, Trump has none. His entire campaign has thus far been one giant scream into the microphone. (more…)