Gun Rights

Aussie-Style Gun Control Will Create a US Insurgency

In his recent address to the nation, President Obama called for stricter gun control to combat “domestic terrorism”. Like many liberals, Obama has shown support for Australian-style mandatory gun buy backs. Regardless of whether or not it would survive the political process, I think it’s worth mentioning what exactly they are advocating and how exactly millions of gun owners, including myself, would react. Perhaps a liberal will read this and realize the potential consequences of their conquest. (more…)

Gun Control Advocates Do Not Understand Gun Violence

Earlier this week, a nine year old Chicago boy was lured into an alleyway and brutally shot to death. Tyshawn Lee was executed because of his father’s gang ties as part of an ongoing bloody turf war. Father Pierre Stokes – a convicted felon on parole – refuses to cooperate with police and claims he has dissolved gang ties; despite a recent arrest over a .45 caliber handgun that had no serial number.

One would think that Tyshawn’s execution would be the catalyst for another nationwide debate about gun laws. After all, bloodthirsty criminals walk the streets and execute children – the very people gun control advocates claim to protect. In this day and age, however, the focus has shifted from reality to narrative. (more…)

Sorry, liberals. We Already Have National Background Checks.

There is a common theme among gun control advocates that displays their inability to understand existing gun laws before they spout grandiose rhetoric. “Universal background checks” sounds great and most focus groups would probably support it, but opinions might change once you understand current laws, regulatory procedures, and crime statistics. (more…)

Gun Rights and Freedom

For those that do not know me, I am an avid gun owner and hobbyist. I reload my own ammunition, build my own guns, and own multiple different firearms – aka the neoliberal nightmare. As such, I hold the right to bear arms as one the most crucial tenets of human freedom. Gun ownership allows one to defend their person and property from threats of violence and aggression from other parties, including the government. Criminalizing self-defense is, in practice, the prohibition of an individual maintaining their human rights.