Schools aren’t Islamophobic; They’re Failing

Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. His crime? Building a “hoax bomb” and bringing it to school. Liberals have predictably blamed racism and Islamophobia. Of course, their rhetoric fits a politic narrative and deflects the story away from the root cause: failed government education. (more…)

Education Needs Vouchers and Choice, not Intervention and Compulsion

The great Milton Friedman once said that we should always judge policies on results instead of intent. With that in mind, the results of top-down education policy have thus far been a complete failure. As we spend more money and hire more teachers, test scores have simultaneously experienced little to no change. Thanks to the Cato Institute, we can see how a shocking trend points directly to government administered failure. (more…)

Education: Reforming the State Monopoly

Our current education has been centrally managed to the point where it is in shambles. Expenditures per student have rapidly increased at all levels of government, mostly state and local, but there has been little to no increase in scores. Politicians tell you their “education reform” will work this time. When they boast how it did work, they only do so because part of their reform involves lowering standards, but they call it “equal opportunity”. Actual education reform is a big issue for a lot of people, yet the mainstream solution is the continuation of more bureaucracy, central planning, and unions.


Student Loans and Rising Tuition

In the past, I have analyzed many problems that have manifested from failed government attempts to engineer social justice. Today, we see that same social justice in the form of “education for all”, student loans, and rising cost of tuition. Double-speak pundits will attribute this increase in tuition to the “rising cost of education”. While this is true on paper, there are complex economic factors at play. The mainstream remedies are nothing but the ills of government masquerading as its own cure.