War on Drugs

Drug Prohibition Fails the Cost Benefit Analysis

Drug prohibition is arguably one of the biggest policy failures from the modern era. We have spent trillions of dollars attempting to eradicate drugs, yet the drug industry continues to thrive. At this point, there is more than enough information to deduce that the costs far outweigh the benefits. (more…)

Two Stupid Ideas that Solve Nothing and Risk Lives

While on the Internet, I came across a new device that capitalizes off public fear. It seems that we can’t have a tragedy in this country without an immediate “solution”, yet people keep wondering why they still happen. This is particularly true with police brutality. The new device is known as the “clown gun”. (more…)

New Technology Enables More Police Overreach and Less Liberty

In a rather terrifying new report, fifty law enforcement agencies have secretly begun to use a new technology that allows them to see inside your home. Unsurprisingly, this has already been going on for over two years. It appears the government has, yet again, conveniently forgotten to inform the public – much less request any type of warrant. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that law enforcement cannot use high-tech sensors without a warrant, but that, of course, did not stop them. (more…)

How Drug Prohibition Inhibits Rehabilitation

For the first time in my short blogging career, I want to expand on a previous post. The original post was about why drugs should be legal, but did not address how drug use is (poorly) managed because of prohibition. They are similar issues, but must be addressed from different perspectives. Contrary to the war on drugs propaganda, repealing drug prohibition would not lead to total chaos and blood-filled streets. In fact, repealing it would make it much easier to create peaceful ways of reducing drug use – as opposed to locking people in cages for their own “well-being”.


Drug Policy

Throughout the history of government malpractice and failure, there have been very few policies containing both of these inevitable pitfalls of state control. Excluding war and economic cronyism (both of which are also “protectionist”), drug prohibition has been the U.S. government’s most expensive and horrendous failure. Prohibition was created out of intent to “rid the world of drugs”.