Government Failure

Big Government Makes the Political Class Wealthier at Our Expense

I’ve often been asked what concerns me most about government size and scope. Of all things, the worst is by far the parasitic effect of self-interested politicians who line their pockets with their power. This is inevitably the consequence of concentrated power. (more…)


Corporatism and Big Government are Co-Dependent

Anti-market critics often and correctly voice concern about the growing relationship between government and big business. Unfortunately, since most of them come from the left, their remedy seems to be more government. The problem is not, however, rooted in market forces. (more…)

Two Stupid Ideas that Solve Nothing and Risk Lives

While on the Internet, I came across a new device that capitalizes off public fear. It seems that we can’t have a tragedy in this country without an immediate “solution”, yet people keep wondering why they still happen. This is particularly true with police brutality. The new device is known as the “clown gun”. (more…)

A Welfare Reform That Can Save Budget and Reduce Poverty

Every year there is a heated battle between the left and right over the budget. Welfare reforms are always a politically sensitive issue. The left decries them as “hurting the poor to benefit the wealthy” and the right takes a fiscally conservative approach that we simply cannot afford it. They’re both right and wrong for their own reasons, but they almost never address actual structural reform that can ultimately benefit everyone. (more…)

Education Needs Vouchers and Choice, not Intervention and Compulsion

The great Milton Friedman once said that we should always judge policies on results instead of intent. With that in mind, the results of top-down education policy have thus far been a complete failure. As we spend more money and hire more teachers, test scores have simultaneously experienced little to no change. Thanks to the Cato Institute, we can see how a shocking trend points directly to government administered failure. (more…)

Here’s Why Salads Cost More Than Burgers

Misleading Claim: “An unhealthy hamburger costs $1, but a healthy salad costs $5. Greedy capitalists are making our kids fat!”

Reality: Producers do not sell goods at arbitrary prices based on profitability or the desire to make people fat. In fact, prices are carefully calculated by consumer value/demand and external factors, such as subsidies. We can debunk this claim with thought experiments and an analysis of the U.S. farm price support programs. (more…)

Uber is Good for Everyone Except Unions

Uber frequently makes headlines as they fight protectionist bureaucrats around the world. In France, there is now a ban on UberPop, the low cost service similar to UberX. Despite international aggression from government, Uber growth has been unprecedented. Their success is all part of the new “sharing economy”, which should be a buzz word for the French socialists. (more…)

Government Programs Perpetuate Racial Disparity

Pundits often claim that racial disparities in the United States are the result of racist capitalism and freer markets. While they are certainly correct in observing socioeconomic disparities, they often attribute said disparities to a lack of government intervention. But as we’ll demonstrate, from poverty and income to unemployment and education, many things have actually gotten worse for blacks since the interventions of the 1960s. “Racism” is a politically convenient excuse that undermines millions of people and seeks to absolve politicians from their failed programs. But as you’ll see, it has actually been government intervention that perpetuated these racial disparities, not free market capitalism. (more…)

New Technology Enables More Police Overreach and Less Liberty

In a rather terrifying new report, fifty law enforcement agencies have secretly begun to use a new technology that allows them to see inside your home. Unsurprisingly, this has already been going on for over two years. It appears the government has, yet again, conveniently forgotten to inform the public – much less request any type of warrant. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that law enforcement cannot use high-tech sensors without a warrant, but that, of course, did not stop them. (more…)

Why are we still arresting people for prostitution? Legalize it.

NBA Analyst Gregg Anthony is back in court again to enter a plea deal. On January 16th, Anthony solicited a prostitute through the website Backpage. She turned out to be part of a police sting and now he will be completing community service and paying fines. His reputation as a sports announcer is tarnished forever and the media plasters his face to the headlines. (more…)