Aussie-Style Gun Control Will Create a US Insurgency

In his recent address to the nation, President Obama called for stricter gun control to combat “domestic terrorism”. Like many liberals, Obama has shown support for Australian-style mandatory gun buy backs. Regardless of whether or not it would survive the political process, I think it’s worth mentioning what exactly they are advocating and how exactly millions of gun owners, including myself, would react. Perhaps a liberal will read this and realize the potential consequences of their conquest.

Gun ownership is deeply rooted in American culture. I have been shooting guns since age 8 when I received my first Daisy BB Gun. There are many Americans who have grown up this way. Not as “insurrectionists” or “terrorists”, as the left paints us, but as people who genuinely enjoy the smell of gunpowder in the morning.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, gun ownership is more than just a hobby. It’s how we put food on the table, protect our loved ones, and guard our homeland. Nowhere does that say we wish to harm anyone, less they attempt to harm us first. Nowhere does that imply a treasonous desire to overthrow the government.

Why am I telling you this? Simply put, a mandatory gun buyback, which truthfully is confiscation, would be seen as an assault on our culture, rights, and property. We are deeply passionate about gun ownership and that is why Aussie-style gun control will fail miserably – and violently.

If such a law were enacted tomorrow, I can tell you right now: I will not comply. In fact, knowing my fellow gun owners, none of us will comply. New York’s gun registration failed immensely and the same happened in Connecticut. The Los Angeles “high capacity” magazine turn-in yielded all of zero magazines. These are only examples of Aussie-lite gun control at the state and local level.

A federal mandatory buyback, which precipitates confiscation, would turn millions of peaceful gun owners into criminals. Can you imagine if millions of gun owners became federal felons overnight? Trust me, it will not go over well.

My friends at Being Classically Liberal rightly pointed out that such a law would essentially invalidate the legitimacy of the federal government to millions of people. Once we refuse to turnover our firearms, the federal government would have to launch a “war on guns”. I’m not sure if liberals understand what that would entail, but I know that gun owners are fully aware.

A “war on guns” means two things. First, once the buyback time expires, armed federal agents will go door to door confiscating firearms by force. The implication of such a law, as with drug prohibition, is “hand over your guns or go to jail; refuse to comply and armed state agents will respond with violence”. Secondly, in response to the first outcome, gun owners will refuse to lay down our guns and roll over. This effectively creates an insurgency of citizens who refuse to recognize an unjust law.

The unintended consequences are dire. Consider, if you will, that approximately one third of Americans would become insurgents. One can only speculate, but I imagine that will turn into secession, interposition, and even civil war. We believe that the Second Amendment was crafted to protect citizens against a tyrannical government and, trust me, we do not take this matter lightly.

To be fair, I doubt mandatory buybacks will come to fruition in the United States. Liberals bemoan the NRA’s lobbying efforts, but such efforts pale in comparison to others. The entire gun lobby puts up about $2.3 million. To put that in perspective, Comcast recorded $3.93 million. The NRA is a drop in the bucket of DC lobbying. What really prohibits gun control from becoming law? Millions of gun owners who show up to the polls and relentlessly contact their representatives. For politicians, voting for gun control can easily be a death sentence – as many state legislators are gutted after passing such laws.

Obama and his liberal gun-grabbers can whine all they want. He can attempt whatever executive order his naïve mind can conceive. Ultimately, however, we will not comply and we will not lay down. American gun owners are proud of our heritage and culture. We wish no harm on anyone, but if you come to take our guns, rest assured we will not hesitate to resist. Unless you want a fight, keep your damn hands off my guns.



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  1. Obama and his staff are either not enough intelligent to understand the consequences of what they plan to do (very likely, as much of the disasters they did in 8 years, home and abroad) or not serious on his intentions. Surely, this Administration did an awful lot to dismantle people’s rights in America.


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