If All Lives Matter, Let’s be Serious About It

Deputy Darren Goforth from Texas was filling his car with gas when a man walked up behind him, shot him in the back of the head, and emptied 15 rounds into his body. He was murdered cold blooded execution style.

I blame his murder on the recent fury of political rhetoric. The shooter had no apparent motive other than “kill a guy in uniform”. We may have problems with the current system of police, but that does not justify killing people.

Police, like all of us, are individuals. We should not brand them with collective group labels based on the actions of a few. As individualists, that is contrary to our philosophical principles.

I have asserted before that police brutality is caused by too many laws, especially drug prohibition, that inherently lead to more conflict. Deputy Goforth did not wake up every morning thinking “how many people can I assault today”. I believe they have good intentions for their community, but politically created incentives inevitably lead to conflict.

Nonetheless, we should never accept cold blooded execution as a path to freedom. Unfortunately, I see many libertarian pages advocating for just that. I have seen memes that read “Plant a tree of freedom. Bury a cop” and emotionally charged comments along the same lines.

This barbaric message is the antithesis to liberty and it discredits libertarians everywhere. Moreover, it’s completely unjustified – as if any prominent libertarian philosopher has ever advocated murdering people.

Human institutions are imperfect by nature. If we want to address police brutality, we should focus on decriminalizing victimless crimes. Regardless of how you feel about state institutions, murder is never acceptable.

Let’s promote liberty through unity, not with inflammatory political rhetoric.

Story: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/08/31/no-motive-in-shooting-texas-deputy-but-suspect-mom-says-has-alibi/


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