Schools aren’t Islamophobic; They’re Failing

Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. His crime? Building a “hoax bomb” and bringing it to school. Liberals have predictably blamed racism and Islamophobia. Of course, their rhetoric fits a politic narrative and deflects the story away from the root cause: failed government education.

Liberal institutions built with good intentions have not delivered their promised results and instead caused disastrous unintended consequences. When it affects minorities, the blame is immediately pinned on “racism”. We’ve seen it happen a countless times.

In the past, I criticized the left for politicizing racism during the police brutality protests. From my article: “For the political left, black lives only matter when they’re killed by white people and their deaths can be blamed on racism because it scores political points. Liberal pundits want to keep that narrative alive because it masks their own policy failure.”

The same thing is true in Ahmed’s case. His teacher did not wake up thinking “how can I harass a Muslim student today”. Ahmed, along with other students of every race, experienced federalized education.

Here’s a few things that have been cause for suspensions and expulsions: wearing a mohawk, chewing a pop tart into a gun, and asking Miss America to prom.

These are the fruitions of a one-size-fits-all monopoly on education. “Zero tolerance” policies mandate expulsion, suspension, and even arrest of students for misconduct. Ironically, Ahmed’s arrest stems from the zero tolerance policy in the Brady Bill – one of the left’s prodigal laws. As a result, everything becomes misconstrued for violence. Excessive disciplinary action is not new to our public school system, nor does Ahmed’s stand out as an obvious case of “racism”.

What’s happened now? Between 1974 and 2009, the rates of expulsion and suspension have doubled. In 2006, more than 3.3 million students were suspended at least once.

These increases have not come from more crime, but rather what is being punished. According to a Texas A&M study, suspensions and expulsions are now for minor violations to the code of conduct more than ever before.

Administrators are given broad infractions for which to punish – such as “disrupting educational environment”. When a little girl shaves her head to support her cancer stricken friend, she violated the dress code, thus serving as a punishable disruption. She was suspended, but the sentence was overturned after public outrage.

While schools are plagued with major institutional problems, the left is focused on politically avoiding the blatant truth. Their government-mandated education system, largely crafted by their politicians, is falling apart. Ahmed’s arrest is not Islamophobic, but rather a symptom of a growing problem.


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