An Open Letter to Anti-Rand, Purist Libertarians

Long before Rand Paul formally declared his presidential campaign, purist libertarians fervently detested his realistic approach to political discourse. In their eyes, he’s a heretic of the philosophy for willing to compromise principle for politics. Chants of “Gary Johnson 2016” echo loudly within the libertarian and anarchist internet community. Dogmatic purists are completely disconnected from political reality and are outright damaging to the cause of liberty.

You don’t have to look hard to find an internet libertarian calling Rand a “neocon statist” for any variety of reasons. I personally have been berated and called all sorts of names from bootlicker to corporatist for voicing my support of Rand. Despite my views of individual liberty and limited government, my support for a candidate pursuing NET REDUCTIONS in the scope of our lawless government makes me a statist.

I am, apparently, a naïve pawn of the United States political system. Purist, however, seem to think a 1% voting base will secure Gary Johnson as president in my lifetime, let alone the next election. But I’m the naïve one.

In my mind, we are at a tipping point in which the path of our country will forever be decided – limited government or totalitarianism. Purist libertarians ignore this reality and bicker about “ending the state” and “a borderless world”. They, for some reason, think that the entire country will dramatically change their political beliefs in favor of abolishing the federal government. Think of how insane that sounds compared to “Rand Paul supports intervention in the ISIS conflict”.

Right, because abolishing an entity currently over 25% of GDP is entirely reasonable within the next few years, but crushing a group who exists thanks to our own mishaps is just extremism. Crushing ISIS is extremism, yet Gary Johnson’s past proposal of invading Uganda is reasonable. Come again?

There are a few issues where I connect with purist libertarians – drug war, police militarization, and domestic spying, for example. Again, they seem to shoot themselves in the foot. In their logic, voting for Gary Johnson (or not voting at all) is a more effective means to curb these ailments, but voting for Rand Paul is a vote for statism.

Yes, let’s follow their path so that Jeb Bush wins the nomination and the general election is Clinton vs Bush. Surely, that will end favorably…favorably if you work for NSA or DEA.

Some of their rhetoric truly baffles me. It’s as if a “Being Liberal” libertarian spin off churns out memes to justify their supposed principled beliefs. They sit atop their high horse of liberty while undermining a real political movement intent on closing the floodgates of a lawless government.

I have seen Facebook pages named “Libertarians Against Rand Paul” and “Rand W. Obama”. Their content? Memes, Info Wars, Cop Block, and echo chambers. Not a single one that I have found offers any realistic or original ideas to reversing the current path of reckless executives and feeble legislatures, or at least none that wouldn’t require a violent revolution. All they seem to support is either Gary Johnson or, my favorite laughable idea, “if no one votes, the whole system will collapse”. Right, good luck with that.

I can hear people now, “Grant, you call yourself the Modern Libertarian”. Keyword: MODERN. I have learned to adapt my beliefs to the current political and economic climate. I have not stuck myself in philosophies dating back decades and centuries.

As a realist, I accept that Rothbardian philosophy will never be part of modern discourse, nor do I want it to be. The current leviathan of the US government will not suddenly be abolished because of internet memes and a few books by fringe thinkers.

Purist libertarianism discussions can be enjoyable between friends in small doses. I always enjoy taking intellectual thought outside the realm of realism, which is exactly where it belongs. Revolutionary change, especially what we need now, is not followed by extremist and unrealistic beliefs.

For those that think their dogmatic beliefs will generate meaningful change, I have one question: When Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush becomes president, how do you plan to “end the state”?


  1. The man believes in a system where men with guns will come to my home and kidnap me under threat of death if I don’t give them money. How is it “purist” to be against him?


  2. Reblogged this on The Socratic Catholic and commented:
    This is a fantastic examination of the purists among the new libertarian movement that are committed to attacking Senator Rand Paul for his practice of “selling out.” Politics is like a game of chess. Some times you have to give up a few pieces to win the game. Purists would rather stay in isolation, never move a piece, and accomplish nothing that brings society closer to their conception of liberty. Oddly, purist libertarians and neoconservatives (neoliberals) will be joining forces in their opposition to Senator Rand Paul because of his foreign policy. Oh the sweet irony.

    Lucas G. Westman


    1. Come on Libs, get a clue, this is a typical PRO RAT PAUL letter. Real Libertarians should be thinking about which Lib within the party they are going to support at our convention. This crap is all over the net to get Rand out of his crappy start. Rand ISN”T going to reduce anything, he just said he wants to INCREASE THE MILITARY BUDGET. Thank you Republicraps for posting this garbage but WE AINT BUYIN IT SUKKAZ!!!


  3. If every mention of Rand Paul in your article was replaced with “Mitt Romney”, then this article would be just another of 2012 articles written by establishment Republicans who condemned Ron Paul supporters for not caving on their principles.

    Rand Paul believes in continuing the drug war, war with ISIS, sanctions on Russia, jailing whistleblowers, some domestic government drone use, taxation, economic intervention, and some government control over personal contracts.

    He has stated his is not a libertarian.

    I’m sorry, but I see no rational reason to support someone whose views contradict my values and I am obviously not alone, otherwise you would not have written a “Tea Party Patriots” type article urging us to vote for the lesser evil.

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    1. Rand specifically has bills in congress to reduce the scope of the drug war and has stated multiple times that the drug war is a horrible policy.

      The U.S. policy under Bush is arguably the cause of ISIS, thus the suffering at the hands of ISIS. On those grounds, Rand believes we have a responsibility to AID the fight against ISIS. That is not synonymous with nation building at all.

      I don’t think Rand will show up and suddenly we have total libertarianism, but he is a MAJOR step in the right direction.

      All of those things you listed….now imagine the Clinton or Bush platform on the issue.

      Politics is a chess game. You have to sacrifice a few pawns to save the king. I did not vote for Romney so please don’t assume that’s my stance. If I thought Rand was another Romney, I wouldn’t have written this article.

      Have you ever research Rand’s voting record?

      – GP


      1. Come on Grant and other Libs, get a clue, this is a typical PRO RAT PAUL letter. Real Libertarians should be thinking about which Lib within the party they are going to support at our convention. This crap is all over the net to get Rand out of his crappy start. Rand ISN”T going to reduce anything, he just said he wants to INCREASE THE MILITARY BUDGET. Sometimes during election season the BULL SH%T stacks up so high you can’t even see the horizon, know what I mean. Thank you Republicraps for posting this garbage but WE AINT BUYIN IT!!!


  4. It’s a shame that Rand turned out to be another Myth Romney. He was my last hope since all the others wanting to run are horrible choices.


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