I could blame the president for our border crisis, but it’s not entirely his fault. I agree that open borders is a much more sensible policy, and that those here “illegally” need to brought out of the shadows. However, I do not agree with the president’s unilateral, executive order to arbitrarily give 5 million people amnesty. There are others, some arguably more productive, who have gone through the legal process who did not receive amnesty. In fact, many Europeans entrepreneurs wish to immigrate here because of the more friendly business environment, but no one granted them amnesty. The president’s executive order is clearly a political game.

Like all major issues in this country, there has been a systematic failure of government bureaucracy for decades, starting with the war on drugs. If you believe in individual liberty and economic freedom, then you should believe in open borders. Wanting to take away other people’s freedoms to “preserve” your own is wholly immoral and hypocritical. Arguing that our country’s exploding welfare system is reason for closed borders is hardly convincing….as if something done by the government is a good reason to deport people and prevent individuals from seeking a better life. Your tax dollars paid to destroy their home countries, so it should come as no surprise when they come here looking for a better life. Further, any perceived negative effects of open borders are likely rooted in failed governmental economic policies. These effects would be significantly reduced if we had a truly free market economy, which we have never had.

“But muh national security and dem terrorizers”….as with all complex issues, there are always boogeymen floating around. The same people who say “don’t give up liberty for security” regarding surveillance want to take away other people’s liberties for their own security. Nationality, in my opinion, is irrelevant. We are all humans, and we all have the same rights. If we stopped wasting military/law enforcement resources on things like drug war, speeding tickets, chasing Mexican kids through the desert, and reckless foreign interventions, then we could create and maintain a more efficient path to citizenship/temporary employment while keeping the bad guys away. Simply throwing more government money at a problem does nothing except make it a more expensive problem, which is basically what Obama is doing now. You’ve seen how government mismanaged the healthcare exchange….imagine how it’ll go if they build a wall.

“But they take muh jobs”….actually, no they don’t. Unless you want to pick oranges and work landscape for $5/hour, then shut your mouth. Any economist will tell you the pros of immigration far outweigh the cons. Immigration provides a new competitive edge to domestic producers through low cost labor that can boost productivity for cheap, thus providing low cost goods for consumers. In addition, immigration increases aggregate demand for consumer goods as well as increase aggregate labor demand. Unfortunately, the minimum wage and other laws force many of these immigrants to work under the radar, or “illegally” (apparently feeding your family is illegal). Eliminating a minimum wage and loosening economic regulations would bring these black market laborers into the light of day, which would benefit everyone. In the past, many Mexicans would come to America only seasonally to work the peak vacation economies and agriculture seasons, then return home. We restricted the border crossing so much that it makes more sense for them to just stay because they fear not being able to return next season. Mailing money to your family is easier than smuggling yourself back and forth.

Regan once said “tear down that wall”, and now everyone is saying “build a wall right over there”. If republicans are truly pro-economic freedom, then adopting an open border policy should be common sense. If liberals really want an open border and legitimate path to citizenship, they should start by addressing the black market of labor created by minimum wage.


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